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ft. Mayur

1) Which are your favourite movies so far?

3 idiots is one of my most favourite movies of all time. I might watch it tons of times. Although I am a huge fan of the             Marvel Comic Universe, I like the perfect attribution of interlinked movies. Interestingly, I enjoy watching movies that are presented in the series. 

2) What sports do you enjoy watching?

Nowadays, no one! But used to enjoy watching cricket, obviously, every Indian is passionate about cricket. I have watched several cricket series along with widely enjoyed ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2015 & 2019. Also, ICC T20 WORLD CUP 2016. Finals of World cup 2019 was just terrific.

3) What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

I have a fear of horror movies. Besides, any visuals, I got to fear the most due to sound effects. It got into my head and I struck for several days. Hence, I never watch horrors films. Now, I live lonely, so it's necessary😅

4) What is your stress burster be like?

I would like to talk to my family and friends. I do play some multiplayer games with my friends to free out stress. A few months back I realise that playing games could be so relieving. Although, I would like to read or work out some complex physics equations.

5) Which books helped you in this new chapter of your life?

Books of Robin Sharma are just incredible in accessing leadership qualities. ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’, ‘The leader who had no title’ & ‘The 5 am club’ truly helped me a lot.  

6) What were your best & worst subjects in school?

I am quite good at mathematics, ever since school life. My mother was a mathematics teacher, she used to teach me additional problems from next grade than mine. I loved solving problems those days, but ever since I got to understand how mathematics works in physics and advanced studies, I just love that so much.


The worse one was Hindi. How much I studied, I never got the fulfil marks. Rather, I never understood the grading system.


7) What is your routine be like? 

I woke up at 5. I do yoga and walk for a while. Then I get straight back to business emails till I get into the facility. Typically, I don't have an exact time to leave home. Generally, I back home between 12 to 1:30 at night. I do like to check out blog emails before I get to bed. I get to bed at 2 AM.

8) Which Netflix series is your most favourite one?

During this lockdown, I started watching Money Heist, Lost in Space and Stranger Things, but haven't finished any one of them yet. 

9) Do you play PS or PC games?

I never had a PS, but I did play PC games. My friend Sagar had a GTA, that was my favourite one. We used to play GTA, Cricket 07 & Road Rash. Actually, I ruined our first laptop while playing it. Nowadays, I do play CSGO and COD Warzone on weekends. But I am very terrible at it.

10) How many research papers and patents you have to the date?

I’ve completed over 52 research papers and 10 patents, with 3 books.

11) Many aerospace leaders say you were the toughest negotiator they ever dealt with. Why is so?

Business is all about people, good negotiation needs to influence the buyer completely about the product. Then the steady steps towards the count are very crucial, while you need to very conscious about the current mark. An engaging presenter and experienced colleagues play a significant role in negotiating.

12) Why don't you use social media?

I believe, if you can have strong bonds personally then why should harness it digitally. I believe in a one-to-one conversation. Nowadays, I use WhatsApp and Twitter.

13) We got to know that you installed servers at your home, why is so, even though you work 18+ hours?

While learning I got now that ancient mathematical and physical theories are just awesome and integration of it to modern physics generate remarkable assets. To do it expeditiously and efficiently, I installed servers at home.

14) If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would be it?

That would be a tough question. But, I would have Dal Chawal with Aloo. Practically, it tends to a balanced diet. And obviously easy to cook. Even though, it's my anytime favourite dish.

15) A word which expresses your feeling towards 'Mechanics to Mars' book or FCP transfer.*

It is very difficult to express in a word. Rather, I don't have words to express.

16) How your creative process like?

Creativity does not have any fixed process. You never know when inspiration will strick. Hence, at PAero we have 'You Credit Period'. In which, employees can work on their own inventions. 

17) If you could do anything for the rest of your life, What would that be?

I would harness beyond limit possibilities of mathematics in the account of physics.

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