Chapterwise summary of A Brief History of Time:-

Ch1: The picture of our universe

Have you ever pictured the universe in your mind? Ever wondered what does the universe looked like? Ever tried to figure out the mysteries of our cosmos? Well, there has always been the scope of the study of the universe

Ch2: Space and time

What is the time? How is time measured for the universe? What is space? Well, there have been attempts to answer these questions for ages.  

Ch3: The expanding universe

Is the universe static? Or is it changing? How vast actually our universe is? Is our study constrained by certain boundaries defining the universe? 

Ch4: The uncertainty principle

Till now we saw about different properties of light, but the question arises what is light? Can we predict the future? 

Ch5: Black hole

Curious about the black holes? Come let’s find more about it. To understand the formation of a black hole, we need to have an idea of a star’s life cycle.

Ch6: The Origin and Fate of the Universe

What really happened during the very early or late stages of the universe when the gravitational fields are so strong that quantum effects couldn’t be ignored?

Ch 7: The Arrow of Time 

The theory and concept of time have changed from time to time. From absolute time to imaginary time, that the journey that time has travelled. But the difference between real-time and imaginary time is the direction i.e., past and future.

Ch 8: The Conclusion

The concept of our universe started with the assumption that the earth was stationary and other objects orbited around it. Later, Newton came up with the law of gravitation according to which each and every object attracted each other. The fact that...