• Pranav Nandurkar

Do you know: What if we never learned to speak or we never had any language? 

Imagine your life being like the Charlie Chaplin's show, no dialogues only expressing yourself through various acts and facial expressions. It sounds funny but it would be a complete mess no one being able to understand what you wanted to say or rather taking a lot more time understanding him through your expressions.

Lots of things even we being now at this stage might have changed. No one to hear and no one to speak just the game of expressions. It's being said that the founding of our development is even based on our understanding through languages or through communicating with the other person. We have noticed that it becomes hard for us to understand someone if we are not familiar to his/her language. Yes I know now there's this Google translator and other translating tools, but what if even they didn't exist? These are humans creations right, so how could he be able to build these translating machines if he himself didn't know anything about any language.

Well, being practical and saying about the consequences, we might not have developed any logical, rational and philosophical thinking. There might not be any literature and Linguistic. There won't be any Saint which could chant mantras in their language. There won't be any student stressing out about his exams. No writer to write and no viewer to view any blogs. No newspaper to read and no books to study. Everything could be a big mess all around.

What would be the remedy?

Have you ever heard about the sign language? Persons who are unable to speak they speak through these sign languages. For them theirs no language bindings which would bound them to speak a certain language. {Sign languages are languages that use the visual-manual modality to convey meaning. Sign languages are expressed through manual articulations in combination with non-manual elements. Sign languages are full-fledged natural languages with their own grammar and lexicon.}

Actually, even this thought is the good whole world using the same sign language to express themselves. No one might have suffered a communication difference in any part of the world. But yes there are many consequences. Human development might have slowed down. It is us understanding each other through our language and being able to build a new world.

Do you know? How did these stone-age people use to communicate? These guys used various techniques, there are triangles, squares, full circles, semicircles, open angles, crosses and groups of dots. Others are more complex: drawings of hands with distorted fingers (known as negative hands); rows of parallel lines (called finger flutings); diagrams of branch-like symbols known as penniforms, or little sketches of hut-like entities called tectiforms. In total, 26 specific signs are used repeatedly in the caves, created in the millennia when Europe descended into – and emerged from – the last great Ice Age.

But at that stage development was at a very slow rate and comparing to present its easy for us to communicate and bring up the development.

In short, this whole world might have changed if there no languages but as you know humans are the best creatures and they learn to adapt with their surrounding, so even this might not have stopped them in upgrading themselves rather this would be the new normal for them.

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