• Pranav Nandurkar

Do you know: What if there were no clocks? 

Have you ever thought about the most useful thing in your life - the time but what if it was never invented or what if we didn't have anything which could tell us about time? Well, to be honest, everything would be very difficult in our day to day life. No servicemen had to reach on time anymore, no children's would have to be in time to school, no fixed meetings nothing, everything would be a mess, we might have seen complete different scenario than what it is now. As we all know, one of the most important things in our life is time. Without knowing about time we would have jumbled up everything, no perfect plannings, no timings everything would be a mess or either we just might have had only four timings morning, afternoon, evening or night but even this is dependant on time. So what now, how to manage everything in time?

What would be the alternative?

Well moving back in time, before clocks were invented, the time in which people used Sun as there clock to know about time. Scientists believe they probably relied upon the natural world around them. For example, historically, humans have relied upon the movement of the Sun across the sky to track time.

Historians believe many ancient peoples divided the Sun's cycle into different timekeeping periods. The ancient Egyptians, for example, built tall obelisks that would cast shadows to help divide the day into sections. These obelisks worked in much the same way as sundials, which were a popular means of timekeeping long ago. But as we know sundials didn't help much at night or on cloudy days. So to tackle this kind of situation, ancient peoples also learned to track the movement of the planets, they used moon and stars for navigation and even to know about time in the dark.

Other devices were developed over time, including hourglasses and water clocks. These devices relied upon the time it would take a particular substance, such as sand or water, to move from one part of a container to another. These devices were more like timers.

But what if we need to fix a meeting at a certain time, of course, that too had a solution. Some historians believe many people relied upon a technique as simple as pointing to an area of the sky. When the Sun reached that point, that's when you would meet the next day.

And as humans have always been a clever creature, he found a certain solution through his surroundings. For example, many people simply trained their bodies to wake up at the first light of dawn. Others may have relied upon animals, such as roosters, like alarm clocks.

If people had to be up before dawn, they might have relied upon the full bladder method. By drinking a lot of water before going to bed, they would be assured of waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom!

So this was it, some ancient ways which took us back in time, showing us how creative human mind could be and how he dissolves himself in surrounding using a natural solution.

Try this and spend your day without using any clock rather without having anything which could tell you what time it would be? Well, I know its highly difficult to do so, but try it on any holiday and share your experience I would be glad to know about it.

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