• Pranav Nandurkar

Shake up your life: What if I never woke up tomorrow?

What if I never woke up tomorrow?

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if this was our last day?

A thought just crossed over my mind and I thought why not to share it with you guys. I just wondered what would have happened if this was the last day of my life like I never woke up tomorrow? it's not like I'm trying to spread negativity but it's just something I wondered. Well basically thinking practically there won't be any drastic changes like earth stopped rotating or time stopped running, there will be just some minor ones, you will lose your writer but eventually my blog owner would probably have someone else in my place and then he will share his thoughts and some other changes like this but the main thing is what about me?  Means like I never had any presence or else I wasn't that good to be remembered. I would just be counted in other billions of billions of people around us. But what if I have to change it? What if I wanted to get remembered by someone? For this, I need to do something, something so great that even after my death I would be a part of someone's life not me but something that I did will influence them, help them.

Did your presence or absence really matter?

We all know about the very well known Thomas Edition and his inventions. He made a light bulb, Automatic Telegraph and many such things. What I mean to say is even after his death and number of years have been passed still he is remembered by each and every one of us. This is what making your presence worthy actually means. He worked so hard that he lightened each and every street, every house by his light bulb and still whenever we look after the bulb his name strikes in our mind. This is what we need to learn from him he became history but his inventions still used in present. His satisfaction and enjoyment in what he is doing made him do what he did.

It's not like we will always be there alive in this world, everyone has to leave someday and whether you are there or not this world won't stop the only difference is did your presence worth what you did being alive or what you did is it remembered at least by someone and are you in someone's good memories?

Don't wait for someone letting you know that this is your day, Consider it as the last and learn to enjoy each moment of your life like its the last one. I heard this somewhere " Why to waste our life in being sad when you can enjoy in happiness". I don't know whether this relates or not but yes we need to learn to enjoy each moment of our life because no one can predict the future so it's better we live in present. So try and enjoy what you are doing because self-satisfaction is most important. Like its said, " Learn from the past, think of the future but live in present".

Also, I would like to know it from you guys what you might have done, imagining like this is your last day?

Lastly, I would say "Make your presence worthy"