• Mayur Pawar

Out with the old, in with the new

Updated: May 26, 2019


The ‘Foci-centric Parabolic Transfer’ based on Newtonian universal gravitational law and

Newtonian orbital solutions and Karl F. Sundman’s infinite series solution to the three-body

problem. This type of orbital maneuvre only applicable for interplanetary transfer. In this

transfer Halo orbits basic orbital type used as transfer orbit. Further it is three body problem in

orbital mechanics. A standard simplified approach for initial investigations into interplanetary

trajectories relies on reducing a complex “four-body” problem (Sun, Earth, Planet, and

Spacecraft) down to three parts of simplified “two body” problems (massive body and

Spacecraft). To consider trajectories to and orbits about the escape point, one must address the

“three body problem,” which involves two massive masses and a much smaller third mass (the

spacecraft). Although geometrically transfer orbit is highly elliptical orbit having eccentricity

tends to one and one focus at central core of source planet and second focus at central core of

destination planet.


Now a day’s space exploration and space tourism is a burning topic; for which Hohmann

transfer used to inter-planetary transfer, which is defined as, transfer from one circular orbit

to another circular orbit by elliptical transfer orbit, invented by German scientist Walter

Hohmann in 1925. This transfer is consuming much time which might major concern about

it; while interplanetary mission especially manned mission.

Here is new transfer idea with less time consumable and simply conductive, ‘The Foci

Centric Parabolic Transfer’ which is only applicable for inter-planetary transfers. Transfer

from sphere of influence of one planet to sphere of influence of another planet by parabolic

escape path, considering that foci at the cores of both planets, is known as Foci-centric

parabolic transfer. This transfer able to reduce about 60% to 80% time as compare to

Hohmann transfer.

This basis for this research originally stemmed from my passion for developing better

methods of space exploration and orbit transfer. As the world moves further into the space

tourism era, generating such powerful rockets and spacecraft for establishment of human

colony on other planets, there will be a greater need to do transfer in fast and durable rate.

How will we develop it?

"It is my passion to not only find but also develop different types of

interplanetary transfers to break down barriers of durability and time limit for further generations."

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