• Pranav Nandurkar

Do you know: What if human stops thinking?

Updated: May 15, 2020

Have you ever imagined how many thoughts occur in our mind in a minute?  According to research, the average count says that 48.6 thoughts flow through our mind in a minute. We often find ourselves in an endless thought loop. And every so often, we try to stop this endless flow of thoughts by telling ourselves to just stop thinking. But do we or can we ever really stop thinking? A thought, what is it?  A thought, which is the result of chemical firing between brain cells, can happen both on the conscious and unconscious level. What if a certain imbalance occurs and the person loses his/her thinking ability?

It's interesting right! A person without an ability of thinking. But will he be a human or a robot? Thinking is the only thing which separates humans from being robots. Robots or machines are the objects which perform a certain task only in a certain manner which is provided by the user. They just function the program fed in by the user and carries out the work without any change. But the humans if they are assigned a task, the human brain will think of the task. How to complete the task with ease in a very simple manner and even being profitable in each sense this is what the human brain thinks of. And this is the main cause which separates humans from being robots.

What do you think how have we advanced ourself to this extent? What would have happened if the persons from the stone age have never imagined or thought of something? We would still be in the stone age just. Everything around us exists due to a single thought. A pen its a thought, a vehicle it is a thought, this display in which you are reading this blog is a thought, even this blog is a thought someone somewhere thought of these things, worked on it and then it came into existence.

Let's try something just for a minute don't think of an ant. What's the first thing comes to our mind is an ant. Some might be thinking what foolish is this we already know it and had tried a lot more times earlier. So what I wanted to say is this brain it doesn't stop thinking one or the other thought enters and exits the brain. You must have even noticed that when a person concentrates on something not a single thought enters the mind. So this stage can even be attained by a process called meditation. If a  person is attaining pure meditation then no thought penetrates in.

So here we come to the conclusion that what we are now is because of these thoughts by the great men's and their work on it. If we would have stopped thinking we might have used stones to create fire and not the advanced one!

So let's not stop this endless loop of thinking, let it continue because you never know some thought might even bring a big change. Think good, think more and don't just think even work on it!