• Pranav Nandurkar

Do you know: These mind blowing facts of Mathematics

Some interesting facts related to maths which u must know - - Is Hundred = 120? The word hundred is derived from the word "hundrath" which actually means 120 and not 100. - If you divide any number by seven(7) and the answer isn't an integer, you end up with sequence 142857 recurring. - Do you know what comes after a million, billion and trillion? A quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, decillion and undecillion. - Billion is for the first time in number system where 'B' occurs.

- The symbol for division (i.e.÷) is called an obelus. - Zero (0)  is the only number which can not be represented by a Roman numeral. - 0,1, 153, 370, 371, 407 are the only numbers which are the sums of the cubes of their digits. They are also termed as Armstrong number. - A ‘jiffy’ is an actual unit of time. It means 1/100th of a second. - From 0 to 1000, the only number that has the letter “a” in it is “one thousand”. - ‘Four’ is the only number in the English language that is spelt with the same number of letters as the number itself. - (-40) °C is equal to -40 °F. - Have you ever noticed that the opposite sides a die always add up to seven (7). - What is Palindrome Number? It is a number that reads the same backwards and forward, e.g. 1331. - Multiplying ones always gives you a palindrome number. For example 111x111 = 12321 - Abacus is considered the origin of the calculator. - Forty is the only number that is spelt with the numbers arranged in alphabetical order. - If you multiply 21978 by 4 it reverses: 87912 - 2520 is the first number to be divisible by all number from 1-10 - A number is called a Perfect number if its factors add up to give the number itself. 28 is a perfect number its factors are 1, 2, 4, 7 and 14 add up to 28.  N.L.Sloane invented a complex formula to find such numbers. - If you multiply six(6) by an even number, the number will end with the same digit. The number in tens place will be half of the number in one's place. Example - 6 x 4 = 24