Viewers Chat-Meet
ft. Pranav

1) What is your favourite movie?

A Bollywood movie - 3 idiots 

I never get bored watching how these three guys are with each other, support each other in every circumstance and even loved the guy who manages all the extra circular activities along with maintaining best scores in his academic. 

2) What sports do you enjoy watching?

Football and cricket. But more often I watch football, its amazing means how can these guys maintain such stamina running around for 90 mins and even enjoyed the so-called controversy between Ronaldo and Messi fans as such there's no controversy but football fans love watching Ronaldo and Messi playing on the same field. 

3) What were your best & worst subjects in school?

My best subject was Mathematics, I always loved solving problems, equations but I wasn't that interested in the graph, I liked playing with numbers. Means we can't even imagine that a single question may have lots of ways to solve just depends on how we see it! 

Talking about the worst it was geography, not to that extent but yes I hated learning all these geographical changes, cliffs, terrains, rainforest regions, desert area these that and everything, it was way too boring for me! Not trying to hurt anyone's feelings if he is a geography lover but this the fact for me! 



4) What's your annoying habit?

I continuously shiver my legs and even sometimes I bite my nails. For which most of the times I get scolded by my mother.


5) What is your article process be like?

As such in my case there's no certain process, I just start writing whenever I feel like writing. Then it might take two hours or two weeks can't say, but I was thinking of making a new habit, means we can plan for seven days. In the first two to three days, we will gather and sort information, the next two days will be for writing and remaining days for its overall view and then publishing it. I'm sure this will work out good, but in my case, I'm not pretty sure but I'm gonna try this. 

6) Which Netflix series is your most favourite one?

Stranger things, I have already watched it twice. 


7) What has been your best college memory?

Can't describe one but every moment when I enjoyed with my friends in college it became the best memory for me. 

8) If you could do anything for the rest of your life, What would that be?

I would follow my passion for the rest of my life except for my career. Even I would like to enjoy the rest of my life with my loved ones. 


9) If you develop an AI, what name you will give to HIM/HER?*

RIAV, there's no such meaning in this name but still, some feelings are attached to it so yes this would be the name of AI. 

10) What are your personal goals?

I want to be a great writer one day, not just a blog but something more special. I want to deliver my thoughts to someone who could understand it. It might be anything philosophical or something else. 

11) To which place you want to visit by heart?

I would like to go anywhere, haven't yet decided any certain location, but the main thing is wherever I go I want my friends to be there with me so that I could enjoy it to my fullest! 


12) What inspires you? / Who is your inspiration?

One of my friend Mr Mayur Pawar inspires me a lot. Because I don't know how but he manages everything very efficiently. He has lots of work to do, lots of meetings to attend, even has plenty of other stuff like his research papers and all, but still, somehow he spends time with us, plays with us & talks to us. So this thing inspires me, how to handle everything, even being so busy how we could enjoy our life! 

13) If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would be it?

Mughlai paratha, the best I could have. I always keep my stomach empty or I keep some space for it in my stomach. Even if my stomach is full and if somehow it comes in front of me I just eat it. 


14) If you retire tomorrow with 10 million-dollar, what will you do?

I would like to go on a trip on an island with my friends and would stay there and enjoy at least for a week. Even my plans were there to enjoy an exotic life but I guess a trip on the island would give me more fun. 

Note: We will add more response in the coming period.