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Why should apply to M Pawar's Blog?

M Pawar's Blog started on 10th of Feb 2019, with the purpose of sharing and drawing students into the curious world and motivate them. Throughout the year, M Pawar's Blog gained 100K site subscribers and crossed viewers mark by 900K. M Pawar's Blog has very brainy,  enthusiastic and bookish viewers. 


Job Description:

We are looking for talented Blog Writer to generate engaging, original content for our website. The Blog Writer will research topics and develop interesting posts that will appeal to our target audience and promote the blog using social media, direct email, and other methods to alert and expand our readership. You should be a skilled, tech-savvy writer who can create appealing, insightful posts that will reach and grow our audience.


To succeed as a Blog Writer, you should be focused on generating and composing interesting content and expanding your readership. You should be creative, adaptable, and analytical with excellent writing skills and a unique voice.

Process of selection:

Applicants select through their credential and knowledge will further undergo a small test. In this test, the applicant needs to send two articles of minimum 1000 words, regardless of any topic. 

Salary Allocation:

Salary will be discussed with selected applicants. Salary will depend on the applicant's credential, Number of Articles he/she is going to publish in a month. 

Requirements (On the basis of an applicant with experience and without experience):


Basic requirements:

  • Applicant should be 16 by age or more.

  • Applicant should be Indian. (Foreign applications will start soon)

  • Applicant should have at least two social accounts with minimum 150 follows. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc).

  • Strong understanding and error-free writing of English. 

  • Creative and exceptional writing with a certain interest and specific field.


1. For Applicants with Experience:

The experienced applicants are preferred on granting for next step of the selection process. The proof of experience should be attached in the email and mentioned in the CV. 

2. For Applicants without Experience:

The applicants without literature experience should have to mention any special achievement in academic/professional career. Else you have to prove yourself with four articles with minimum 1000 words, regardless of topic.

E-Mail Format:

E-Mail Subject: Apply for Blog Writer

Consent note with highlighted 'Applicant with/without Experience'.


  1. CV  

  2. Proof of Experience (Optional)

Terms of working and contract of Blog Writer to be signed after selection here.

For any query don't hesitate to email on with the Subject of 'Application Query'.